Security Guard Training – Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts normally requires its potential unarmed security guards requesting license to be at least 18 years old or older, have a high school diploma or be GED holder, complete a background check and successfully pass a drug test (the presence of any prohibited drug or narcotic can prevent you from becoming a security guard in Massachusetts).

The State of Massachusetts does not require any state licensing or registration for security guards. The security employer will register their security guards with the state at the time of hire. Unarmed guards are not required to take any training courses. However, potential security guards may be required to take some classroom training relevant to the position. Training can be one or any number of classes in subjects such as confrontation, property’s legal, situational problem solving, emergency protocols and properly detaining suspected criminals.

Armed security guards are required to accept eight hours of pre-assignment instruction. This training involves studying different aspects of gun safety law and studying the Massachusetts laws for the use of lethal force. Dependant on the organization or business for which a prospective security guard works, the requirements may be more strict.

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  1. Hi I was seeing if you had any info on armed security officer training classes in Massachusetts. I currently hold a mass class A firearms license. And I would like the training with CPR and any other certification

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