Security Officer Training – Wisconsin

To be able to work as an unarmed security officer or security guard in the state of Wisconsin, there are several minimum specifications which must be met first. For this reason, anyone who would like […]

Security Guard Training – Oklahoma

In order to obtain a Security Guard license in the state of Oklahoma, which is a two year, renewable license and issued by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), an applicant must […]

How to Become a Security Guard

There are lots of people who aspire to become security guards. For many who consider the profession a noble career choice – the desire to get involved in the field may have stemmed from watching […]

Security Guard Training – New Hampshire

In the state of New Hampshire the Permits and Licensing Unit is responsible for licensing all security guards and security agencies throughout the state. In order to be eligible to receive a license, the state […]

Security Guard Training – Pennsylvania

In order to become a security officer or security guard in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are several minimal prerequisites which must be met first. Therefore, anyone who wishes to be licensed as an unarmed […]

Security Guard Training – Iowa

The Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) authorizes and issues armed and unarmed security guard licenses. In addition, the Des Moines-based agency makes sure that the certification prerequisites are satisfied before an armed or unarmed […]

Security Guard Training – Kentucky

The state of Kentucky doesn’t license security guards. As a result, any business which has an authentic business license can provide security officers in Kentucky. Keep in mind however, that each individual company has it’s […]

Security Guard Training – Montana

The state of Montana normally requires its future security guards submitting an application for license to: Be 18 years old for unarmed guards ; 21 years old for armed guards Applicant must be a citizen […]

Security Guard Training – Maine

In Maine, a security guard who will perform security guard functions within the State, does not have to be certified provided that he or she is hired by an authorized security company. So to put […]

Security Guard Training – Indiana

In order to become a security officer or security guard in the state of Indiana, both the armed and unarmed security guard must be certified in the State of Indiana to be able to work […]

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