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In Mississippi there are no requirements set forth by the state to become an unarmed security guard. This lack of regulation means that just about anyone can get a job as a security guard, whether they have the training and experience to do the job well or not.

As a result, hiring companies have had to set their own requirements for applicants, which typically include a high school diploma or GED, clean criminal record, fingerprinting, and passing a drug test.

Mississippi guidelines require security guards to undergo training courses on basic security skills and laws, including the power to arrest. The courses can be completed at local schools or online. But again, it is best to check locally as different counties may have different requirements for security guards and their pre-assignment training course.

The training is important because it helps security officers to understand their authority and how to use it effectively. In addition, the training helps guards to understand the state’s laws and how they apply to their job.

By understanding the legal side of things, guards can better protect the people and property they are responsible for.

Armed Security Guards

In Mississippi, the requirements to become an armed security guard vary depending on the level of security you want to provide. There are no state requirements to become an armed security officer, but most hiring companies will have their own set of requirements that you must meet.

To become an armed security guard, you must first be 21 years old, a U.S. citizen or registered resident alien, and successfully pass a background check including drug testing. In addition, you’ll need to complete a Mississippi Department of Public Safety security guard firearm training course which covers fundamentals and safety of shooting, laws, firearms instruction to ensure firearm proficiency as well as use of the weapon itself.

Once you have met these requirements and obtain a firearms permit, you should be well on your way to becoming an armed security guard in the Magnolia state!

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