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In order to become a security guard in the State of New Jersey, you must get SORA-certified. SORA is the Security Officer Registration Act, that makes it a requisite that every security officer (security guards are also known as security officers) in New Jersey carry accreditation. You will have to complete a mandatory 24-hour training program, sign-up with the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) and get fingerprinted. All of this must be done within a 30-day time period. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate which enables you to apply for security job offers. Keep in mind, you will need to renew your SORA certificate every 24 months to stay current.

Anyone who wishes to be licensed as a security guard in New Jersey, must meet and maintain the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age to apply.
  • The applicant must posses a valid photo ID with valid expiration date.
  • The applicant must submit an application for registration as a security officer to Superintendent. Print and fill out the application form. The fee is $50 plus a non-refundable registry surcharge fee of $25, payable online.
  • The applicant must submit fingerprints and a written consent for a criminal history background check. To be able to correctly get your fingerprints processed for your criminal background check you must be fingerprinted by the state licensed agency SAGEM MORPHO. Their web site is called MorphoTrak. As mentioned earlier, you will only have 30 days to complete the process which includes your SORA class. It is recommended that you schedule your class first and then apply for your certificate with the NJSP.

*Note: SORA has very strict guidelines when it comes to credentials and proof of identity.

Security Officer Training

Currently, a person seeking to be employed as a security officer in New Jersey must complete an approved 24-hour course of classroom instruction taught by a certified security officer instructor. The course of instruction shall include a minimum of two hours of instruction in each of the following general subject areas:

  • Homeland security and counter-terrorism.
  • Communications/emergency response.
  • Theft prevention.
  • Limits on the use of force.
  • Detention of suspects.
  • Ethics and professional conduct.
  • First aid/CPR/AED and any other subject areas the instructor determines are necessary in the interest of public safety.

All applicants’ info is uploaded to the New Jersey State Police for proper certification after completion.

For more information on security guard licenses in New Jersey, applicants may make inquiries at:

New Jersey State Police
Department of Law & Public Safety
P. O. Box 7068
W. Trenton, NJ

or, you may visit NJGOV‘s website.

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