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In the state of New Hampshire the Permits and Licensing Unit is responsible for licensing all security guards and security agencies throughout the state. In order to be eligible to receive a license, the state of New Hampshire requires its prospective security guards to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • U.S. citizenship or New Hampshire residency is not required
  • Complete all forms which have been submitted as per the Administrative Procedures Act, and present in person to the Permits and Licensing Unit.
  • Applicant must list three persons, unrelated to him or her, of whom an inquiry can be made as to their reputation.
  • Respond to all required questions in your application for Security Guard Employee. Failing to do so will postpone the processing of your submitted forms.
  • Again, you must deliver your application in person to: Department of Safety, Room 106 (Permits and Licensing), 33 Hazen Drive,Concord, NH. Applications are processed within 14 days of receipt. If you don’t receive a response after three weeks, then call (603) 223-3873.
  • Applicant must submit to a criminal background check
  • Applicant must submit to fingerprinting. *Two sets of fingerprints are required of applicants applying for armed security guard license
  • Once a year weapons qualification is required for armed security officers
  • The applicant for an armed security position must satisfy minimum requirements in the use of firearms at least once annually, including 4 hours associated with training in firearm techniques and safety.

*First time armed applicants will need to call (603) 271-3575 to schedule an appointment for fingerprints prior to arrival.


  • Not required.
  • The training in New Hampshire may differ among companies however, all providers must instruct you in accordance with New Hampshire law.


Individual license –  $150.00
Criminal background check –  $25.00
Armed guard fingerprinting fee (for individual and employee licenses) –  $30.00

Licenses shall be valid for 2 years after the date of issue and shall be renewed every 2 years thereafter.

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  1. I have two bachelors two bachelors degrees in history and criminal justice. I have always been interested in security and I want to become an armed security guard. I live in Massachusetts and I want to move to New Hampshire.

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