Security Guard Jobs Information – Videos

Listed below are several video clips created by executive security manager of Eagle Security Inc William Richey, who explains to us important information and facts regarding how to become a security guard and the required steps.

Mr. Richey is an experienced security guard officer. He has been a security officer since 1988. Mr. Richey attended Lane Community College and earned a degree in criminal justice and political science.

Security Guard Job Description

“A security officer is an individual who is state certified with a criminal background check completed. And they work various sites. They can drive a patrol vehicle around at night time, and patrol various businesses, making sure that there’s no vandals or trespassers on the property.”


Security Guard Qualifications

“In order to become a security officer, you have to find a state certified instructor, like myself, and you have to go through a eight-hour class, you have to pass a test and then you have to go through a four-hour assessment, where you’re actually out on a site doing assessments and learning how to work the job.”


Security Officer Tools

“There is a wide variety of tools from the automobiles we use for patrol to the standard uniforms and rain gear, emergency, flares and stuff if we need or traffic cones, stop signs for controlling traffic in certain areas when we’re working events. Your duty belt which can include your firearm, and your pepper spray, and your handcuffs if you are certified to carry and use those.” According Mr. Richey the most important tool for a security guard is a good flashlight.


Security Guard Pros & Cons

Benefits of being a security officer include free having access to sporting events as well as live shows that require security. Downsides may involve drunk individuals or vandals at those events that security must handle.

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